Mapping the Quantum Frontier

Mapping the Quantum Frontier jdunklee Mon, 08/22/2022 – 10:47 Quantum chip

It’s hard to envision a time when computers didn’t more or less disappear into beige office landscapes or pile up, obsolete in closets like increasingly ancient geological strata. The technological behemoths that Franz Klein works with, however, still evoke a twinge of dawn-of-the-space-age wonder.

As a high-performance computing engineer in the University of Maryland’s Division of Information Technology, he helps run massive computing clusters linked by kilometers of cable that gobble enough electricity to run hundreds of average houses while crunching exponentially more data than your laptop. Astronomers, geneticists, climatologists and others queue up for solutions only supercomputers like UMD’s soon-to-debut Zaratan, not to mention larger clusters at government laboratories and high-tech firms, can spit out.

Yet with all this digital horsepower at his fingertips, Klein now is venturing in a new direction…
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